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Stillwater Medical Home Health

How do I know if I’m eligible for home health services?

If you live within a 50-mile radius of Stillwater within the counties we serve and could benefit from care provided in your home, home health could be available to you. To be eligible for services to be paid by Medicare, you must (1) meet Medicare homebound criteria, (2) require nursing care or rehabilitation therapy for a short time or intermittently and (3) have treatment under a physician’s supervision. Home health services under other payor sources require qualified home health staff to determine the benefits available to the patient through that payer source. Contact us if there are questions regarding our ability to meet your needs. Private pay services are available as well. Skilled care provided by a nurse or therapist require a physician order. Private payment for personal care services only for tasks of daily living by an aide does not require a physician order and can be billed to the patient or family on an hourly basis.

What qualifications do home health staff members have?

All employees have been through extensive interviews and have had full background reviews prior to joining our team of professionals. Ongoing examination ensures our caregivers provide you with a safe and qualified team of healthcare professionals. The Stillwater Medical Home Health staff has over 480 years of combined valuable experience to help you work toward your goals and return to the life you desire. To see all staff bios, please click here.

How do I arrange home health services?

Care through the home health care benefit under Medicare and various payers generally require a physician order. The first step is to contact your physician to discuss your needs and request a referral to a home health agency. For payment for services, many times an in-office visit or a visit in person with a physician such as while in the hospital is required by your insurance coverage to validate the order for home health care. If you have any questions, you can contact us at 405-624-6578 or use the "Contact us" page to ask your questions. We would be happy to assist you in determining the next steps. To arrange personal care such as bathing, cooking, companion without the needs of a skilled care such as nursing or therapy, you can call our agency or utilize the "Contact us" form for more information. We will happily work with you to design a plan of service that meets your needs for yourself or a loved one. We additionally will provide you with the out-of-pocket cost of the care to be provided to allow you to plan your care needs in the most financially sound manner.

How are fees determined and paid?

At the initial visit, prior to admitting the patient to our care, a professional staff member will provide information on insurance coverage and payment arrangements. Medicare Home Health Benefits: Medicare benefits cover the cost for home health services as, “deemed reasonable, necessary and ordered by your physician.” Medicaid and Other Commercial Insurance: Medicaid, private insurance and private-pay patients are also welcome. Many private and group insurance plans cover home health services and, as a benefit to you, our employees will research your coverage and advise you on which services your insurance or other source will help cover. We will work with private insurance carriers, Medicare and Medicaid to bill them directly for covered services. The home care services may require pre-authorization from the insurance carrier. Self-Pay Services: Stillwater Medical has the ability to bill payment of services directly to the individual or family for skilled care services. In the event that financial assistance is needed, the patient or family is able to apply for assistance based on set criteria. Stillwater Medical Home Health Services is able to make arrangements to help individuals meet their either self-pay accounts or copayment requirements.

What is the difference between home health and hospice?

Home health is commonly confused with hospice. But unlike hospice, home health is in no way a service to be considered only in an end-of-life situation. Home health providers assist with the patient's return back to most independent and safe setting possible, preferably in own home. Home health is intermittent and usually decreases in services until time of discharge back into the community versus hospice is present and may result in increased services until the patient passes away. Contact us for further information.