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Learn more about our new online clinic check-in process - Click Here
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Online Clinic Check-In

Online Clinic Check-In

To enhance your experience and maximize time with your provider, we have implemented an online check-in process at select* clinics. Patient forms, co-pays, and appointment confirmations can now be completed before your visit, at a time convenient for you. 

Here’s what to expect: 

  1. Text messages from your provider’s office to allow you the option to confirm your appointment.
  2. If we have your email address on file, you will receive an email from
  3. Appointment reminders 5 days out, 2 days out, and the day of your visit.
  4. Requests to complete forms and co-pays online, before your visit.

Should you have questions or concerns, please email us at

We look forward to caring for you, thank you for choosing Stillwater Medical. 

*Current clinics providing online check-in are Cushing Primary Care, Diabetes Care Services, OrthoOklahoma, OrthoOklahoma Spine & Specialty, Stillwater Internal Medicine, Stillwater Medical Physician’s Clinic, Stillwater Surgical Associates, and Stillwater Women’s Clinic. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why is Stillwater Medical partnering with Phreesia?

A: Stillwater Medical is partnering with Phreesia to save you time at appointments and to ensure that your health records will always be up to date.

Q: What is Phreesia?

A: Phreesia is an online (HIPAA-compliant) platform to streamline the patient intake process, including mobile registration. Mobile check-in allows you to complete pre-visit registration from your own device (any smartphone, computer, or tablet) ahead of time and in the privacy of your home.

Q: Is my information secure?

A: Yes. Phreesia provides industry-leading privacy and security for your data. They are held to the same standards as Stillwater Medical when protecting your information. For additional information about security visit

Q: Do we need to use the new system for every appointment?

A: Yes. But once you have completed the initial registration, the next time will be much quicker because your responses are saved.

Q: Do I need to download an app to do mobile check-in?

A: No. There is no app - you simply click the link provided in the text message or email. This allows you to securely answer any registration and medical questions necessary for your appointment.

Q: Can I complete the forms in a language other than English?

A: Yes! Online check-in is also available in Spanish.

Q: What happens if I can’t finish my registration before the appointment?

A. That is not a problem at all. Any information you have already entered has been saved so our patient representative can easily send you a new link to pick up where you left off.

Q: What if I don’t want to use online check-in?

A: We understand that online technology may not appeal to everyone. That's why we chose a no-app based platform that doesn’t require you to be tech savvy to work with. However, we will be happy to accommodate you with the standard paper forms when you arrive.

Q: What if I didn’t get a text or an email?

A: We will be happy to accommodate you when you arrive. We can verify your cell number and your email and send you a new link to complete the forms.

Q: Why am I getting so many texts/appointment reminders from Stillwater Medical?

A: You should expect to receive appointment reminders 5 days out, 2 days out, and an hour before your visit. This is the industry standard practice to remind patients of their visit. If you’d like to opt out of the reminders, please let us know.

Q: I accidentally opted out; how can I opt back in?

A: When you arrive at your appointment, a team member can assist you in updating your preferences so that you can receive appointment reminders and messages for online check-in.

Q. I filled out everything on my online registration. Why am I still being asked to fill out additional paperwork?

A: Because we are transitioning to our new online check-in process, a few practice specific forms will remain until all the traditional paperwork has been transitioned electronically.


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