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Total Health Rehab


Many of our patients experience life-changing results from our rehabilitation programs designed to get them back to the unique specifications of their lives and careers. It reaffirms our passion to hear them tell us how glad they are that they pushed through the difficult times and are living the results. Hear from a few of them below:

Gary's Success Story

Excellent facility that I will miss coming to. It's also a bonus that my wife can come and workout while I workout in rehab.

Pat has made me goal-driven, and made me feel good about myself and not so worried about my appearance.

Paula made me more aware of my diabetes and how to make better choices to help me. She is also an excellent motivator.

– Gary, Cardiopulmonary Rehab Patient 

As a spouse, I want whomever to know how wonderful and helpful this rehab has been for Gary. The whole team is so knowledgeable, caring, diligent about Gary's care and so personable to Gary even though some days were not fun. I appreciate that they kept him motivated in exercising, and that there were plenty of classes offered also. We learned A LOT from the classes.

I also appreciate the diligence of keeping up with his blood sugar number and inquiring that we met with Gary's primary doctor to make changes and continue to better his numbers. It has been so great for me to have the nurse and Dr. Hagan help regulate his medicine until an appropriate level was found. I love their knowledge of nutrition! And their suggestions of what to do better.

Cardiopulmonary Rehab has been beneficial to me because I was able to leave Gary in good hands and go across the floor and exercise myself.

Thank you for these wonderful folks and this program. It and they are truly the best in care. We have tried other therapy programs, and we know this is the best. Thanks so much!

– Maily, Gary's Wife

A Lifestyle Change Worth Talking About

I went to Total Health on my doctor's referral so that I could get myself in good enough shape for weight reduction surgery. The doctor wanted me to monitor the health of my heart and strengthen muscles to relieve knee and back pain, but my eyes were set on doing what I had to do so I could have surgery. The therapy team and the fitness facility experts somehow sparked a trasnformation in me. Within six months, I had completely rebuilt my life, shed more than enough weight to have the surgery and yet somehow didn't want it anymore. I was able to not only meet goals I didn't know I had, but build a healthier lifestyle for my whole family. Two years later, we're all the better.

- Jackie, 52, therapy patient and fitness facility member

Better Than Before, Thanks to PT

I must say, I had no idea what to expect from a physical therapist or what I was going to gain by taking physical therapy. But let me tell you it has been the best experience ever.

Not sure if I have just opened up more to the workings of a therapist or Zach has just blossomed during my therapy. He has been a wealth of knowledge and encouragement. He has challenged me to look at points of my walking, sitting and exercise that I would never have even dawned on me. He is very knowledgeable and very likeable. Never backs down from a question no matter how foolish it might be. Zach also learned when to push me for more and to challenge me to think further then what I had ever about using my muscles.
Wow I must say that Becky and her tape jobs were the very best thing for my badly swollen knee, the first 3 weeks of my therapy I was not sure I would ever have a joint that was usable. I would never have believed good old tape placed correctly could do such a wonderful job of taking the swelling down on a joint.

I will continue for the next month to work on my strengthening and balance at Total Health. Not sure what will happen after that, I have thought about a membership.

Know that I will be referring friends to Total Health, because I have firsthand knowledge of what your team can offer to patients that need physical therapy.  Keep up the good work and thank you.

- Kathy, physical therapy patient

Back, and Better than Ever

I wanted to thank Jeromy for all the great work with did with me. I have noticed that my calf has continued to improve by using exercises that he provided and I am getting back into a better gym routine of elliptical machines, stationary bicycles and uphill walking.  I don’t limp unless I become very tired.  I still cannot lift myself up on my left foot, but now, if I put the ball of my feet on a step, I can at least push up to parallel with the step where my heel use to just fall down.  My back still gives me some fits on and off, but I think I am just going to have to do what I can to keep it strong and flexible and expect periodic stiffness and some pain.  The hamstring and calf stiffness has never returned after the second treatment.  Mostly I wanted you to know that I appreciate Jeromy, he really seems to care!

- Anthony, physical therapy patient