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Stillwater Medical Center Cardiology Clinic

Cardiology Patient Stories

Dr. Trad Saved the Day, My Heart, My Lungs and My Life

Amy Hoffman was leading a happy, healthy life as a wife, mother of two young children and a third grade teacher at Covington Douglas elementary school. Until about five years ago, when she began having episodes of sudden weakness followed by passing out.

She had been diagnosed with hypoglycemia as a child, so attributing these symptoms to low blood sugar made sense. But these spells were different – more exhausting than anything she’d experienced before. 

After an ambulance ride to the ER, her family physician tried changing the dosage of her blood pressure medication. But the fainting episodes persisted. That’s when she was referred to cardiologist, Dr. Trad, at Stillwater Medical Center. She recalls leaving his office with her husband after that first visit with full confidence they’d come to the right place, and a sense of relief she hadn’t felt in many years.

After a series of tests, Dr. Trad determined Amy had pulmonary arterial hypertension – a rare lung disease that can damage the heart over time. He took the time to carefully explain her condition, and made sure she and her husband understood what to expect. Because her condition was so uncommon, he referred her to an associate he had previously worked with at the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion.

Once her diagnosis was confirmed, Dr. Trad began coordinating her regular treatments with the Mayo Clinic. Today, Amy is back to her normal activities and recent reports show significant improvement. Of course, every trip to the Mayo Clinic is followed by a visit to check in with her friend and doctor who made a life-changing difference she’ll never forget – Dr. Trad.