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Swing Bed

The Swing Bed program at Stillwater Medical–Perry offers skilled care for patients coming out of the hospital that aren’t quite ready to return home. The program allows for extended recovery time, focus on independence with activities of daily living, fall reduction and reduced readmissions to the hospital. We serve the community of Perry and surrounding areas, giving our patients the opportunity to stay closer to home as they rehabilitate.

What is the Swing Bed Program?

"Swing Bed" is the term that Medicare uses to describe a hospital room that can switch from acute care status to skilled care status. The actual bed/room does not change; what changes is the level of care that the patient in the room receives

Who pays for these services?

Medicare Part A and some commercial insurance plans will pay for all or some post-acute skilled care. If you have questions about your plan or potential out of pocket costs, please contact our case manager ( 580.336.2176 ext. 3208) and we will be happy to assist you with navigating your insurance policy.

Who Benefits from a Swing Bed?

Examples of individuals who may benefit from this program include those who have had surgery, joint replacements, stroke patients who do not qualify for admission to a Rehab Center, IV Antibiotic therapy, terminal care or other illness and injury. The patient will receive daily therapy and care to meet self-care goals established by you and your healthcare provider. The patient has more time to recover and gain strength before going home, without having to go to a nursing home. Daily therapy is centered on self-care skills and functional strengthening, which will increase the patient's independence with they are discharged. There is also continued access to your doctor and hospital services. Should the need arise, you can return to acute care without changing beds. Your family is welcome to be present and involved.

What is the goal of the Swing Bed Program?

The goal of the swing bed program is to return the patient to a permanent living situation as soon as possible. Although the patient under the sing bed program is in the hospital, the emphasis is on moving the patient home. The medical staff expects the patient to be able to cooperate, to take instructions and to participate in consistent rehabilitation and physical therapy activities essential to his or her recover. The patient's family should feel comfortable encouraging patient participation and learning important strategies for post-discharge care.

When is a patient discharged from Swing Bed?

Patients can be discharged from Swing Bed for the following reasons: 1. They have achieved the maximum benefit of skilled nursing rehabilitation as determined by the physician 2. The care being provided has become custodial in nature 3. The patient's continuing care requires long term 4. There is a change in the patient's needs/level of care Note: The average length of stay is 3-5 days; Medicare will cover up to 20 days at 100% providing the patient has a skilled need.

What are the common diagnoses for Swing Bed?

Common diagnoses treated in the program include patients with extended IV therapy needs, orthopedic surgeries (hip/knee replacements), fractures, post-surgical procedures, neurological disorders (stroke) and other chronic conditions.

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